FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

The membership system is for teachers, not for students. If you want to join us as a teacher, then you need to join the membership. Different membership plans have different percentages of your earning commission that means it will give more benefits and earning profits for teachers.

No need to worry. After the expiration of your membership, you can buy a new membership.

Still, you don't need to worry. You will still be able to sell all those courses that you already uploaded before the expiration of your membership. But earning a percentage of all your already uploaded courses will automatically change into 60%.

Whenever students buy any course that belongs to you (teacher), you will earn a percentage of that course as per your current plan.

The teacher can submit withdrawal requests anytime, whenever the teacher shall reach the minimum withdrawal amount limit of 500 Rs. (INR). After getting a withdrawal request from the teacher, we will pay the teacher's earning amount within seven days.

The membership plans can see from "Membership for teachers" section or you can Click Here

A teacher can use Hindi or English language in their content. We do not allow to use of any other language except Hindi and English.

Sorry, we do not allow uploading any religious courses.